The Schroth Method

In children with immature skeletons and remaining growth potential, Schroth- method physical therapy is used in combination with the Cheneau brace, not only to prevent progression of the abnormal curvature, but also to train and strengthen patients in holding their bodies in a corrected position after completion of the bracing treatment. A patient’s consistent practicing of an individualized Schroth program has been clinically schown to inhibit the mechanical forces, exacerbated by poor postural habits and gravity, that otherweise perpetuate the progression of the curvature over time( the so –called „vicious cycle”) even after the cessation of physical growth.( Weiss HR, Lohschmidt, el- Obeidi N, Verresc, 1997 „Preliminary results and worst-case analysis of in- patient scoliosis”

The Schroth Metod is one non-invasive, physiotherapeutic treatment for scoliosis wich has been used succesfully in Europe since 1920. Originally developed in Germany by scoliosis sufferer Katherina Schroth, this method is now taught to scoliosis patients in clinics specifically devoted to Schroth therapy in Germany, Spain, England, Hungary, USA etc. The method is based upon the concept of scoliosis as resulting from a complex of muscular asymmetries ( especially strength imbalances in the back) that can be at least partially corrected by targeted exercises. ( Lehnert- Schroth, Christa 2007. Three- Dimensional treatment for Scoliosis: A Physiotherapeutic Method for Deformites of the Spine( Palo Alto, CA: The Martindale Press):pp. 1-6