Immunoligical Readiness

The efficient removal of invading microbes is crucial for the proper functioning of the entire body, including your joints. The key players in this task are the lymphocytes, which travel through the lymphatic system, attacking and destroying foreign cells. Indicative of their importance is the fact that your body contains more lymphatic vessels than blood vessels.

Although blood circulation is assured by the regular, active beating of the heart, your lymphatic system has no such pumping organ. Instead, lymph circulation is accomplished by the compression-expansion action provided by your muscles. The more you move, therefore, the better your lymphatic system can “clean house”.

Should lymphocyte function weaken or lymphocyte circulation stagnate then the damaging and irritating effects of foreign invadors clustering in the joints will often be felt in the form of swelling, stiffness, and pain.

If you are battling with the symptoms of immune system disorders or weakness, (painful, swollen joints, constant flus/bronchitis/colds, low energy levels, chronic infections, poor healing ability, etc.) then active measures need to be taken to restore your immune system function.

By taking part in a structural realignment program, the joints and musculature of the entire body can be retrained to execute free and easy motion. Proper and sufficient movement crucial for full immune readiness can thus be regained. If needed, necessary dietary recommendations can also be prescribed to further strengthen the immune system and promote maximum joint cleansing and healing.

The downward spiral of compromised immunity – increased joint pain – decreased movement can be broken!

We suggest you call Sulypont Pain and Rehabilitation Clinic for a consultation on customized programs combining both structural realignment and applied nutrition, designed to help you regenerate immunological readiness and help you get out of pain.