Negative Emotions that Accompany Pain

The daily struggle with chronic pain leave most sufferers not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally worn down.

Not being able to do the things one used to do can lead to feelings of discouragement and worthlessness.

A deteriorating condition of health can cause anxiety as the individual fears that his pain will get even worse. Fear of becoming increasingly immobile, fear of not being able to work, fear of becoming dependent on others and so on only add to the anxiety.

For some, the resulting emotional and mental fatigue can be almost unbearable at times.

At Sulypont Pain and Rehabilitation Clinic we are aware of the far-reaching emotional and mental toll that chronic joint pain can have. Rather than allow your emotions to be pulled deeper and deeper into a whirlpool of despair, however, we encourage you to focus on resolving the causes of your pain.

Through the years, we have seen countless dedicated professionals resume their careers and passions – businessmen managing their businesses again, marathoners running marathons again, mothers carrying their babies again etc. The musculo-skeletal condition of many of these individuals were very deteriorated – likely worse than your present situation.

We encourage you, therefore, to come to Sulypont Pain and Rehabilitation Clinic, to help us evaluate your situation and help you resolve the causes of your pain.

By taking positive steps now, you will not only become free from the physcial pain, but also the emotional and mental pain that goes with it.

Call us now and make an appointment.