Sports training

If you are among the scores of people who have to cut back on your favorite sport or fitness program because of chronic joint and muscle pain, here are the facts on how you can get back on track permanently and quickly.

Years of college followed by more years of establishing your career, have taken a physical toll on your body.

To remediate the situation, a “get-back-in-shape” campaign is engaged in ranging from aerobics to weightlifting to jogging. Ahhh!, it feels great to get moving again, but before long painful joint problems arise. Soon the favorite sport gets abandoned and our hero strives to content himself with a life of musculo-skeletal breakdown.
Does it sound familiar?

At this stage, neither strength building nor stretching is required but rather a postural realignment program designed to take the structural kinks out of the musculo-skeletal system. By re-building your core structural stability you will regain the biomechanical foundation needed for stable and healthy movement.

A joint out of alignment is a grinding, twisting joint. After a long day of sitting or one-sided work, throwing the increased loadings of a physical workout onto an already chronically distressed joint will only hasten its demise.

General excercise or weight lifting programs which are great for developing circulation, strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance, but such programs will do little to restore the structural alignment and symmetry of deviating postural musculature. Excercising and lifting weights with structurally misaligned posture will actually causes you to perpetuate the postural deviations and their negative symptoms.

Just as you can’t “drive yourself through a flat tire” you can’t just work yourself through joint pain.

This point is driven home by the fact that most gym teachers, professional athletes, dancers etc. suffer from serious chronic joint ailments. (Just ask them in private if you have the opportunity). It is not strength which they are lacking, but rather proper structural alignment. They have become misaligned and asymmetric and the years of intense physical training only intensified their problem.

Everything from bunions and Achilles tendon problems to tennis elbow and painful thumbs is due to structural deviations that have developed within the musculo-skeletal system.

Furthermore, such joints are structurally unstable and an accident waiting to happen. Oftentimes the well-meaning, but structurally misaligned week-end athlete, engages in her sport with gusto, only to become quickly side-lined by injury. She blames her bad foot placement during that volleyball game… she blames that fall during skiing… she blames her equipment, her sport, and fate itself rather than blaming the fundamental structural deviations that were chronically developing for years.

Your favorite sport is not the cause of your joint problems.

The solution lies in assuring that you include into your fitness regimen proper and sufficient postural realignment stimulus so that you can your body’s weight comfortably and efficiently despite long periods of stationary or asymmetric posture.

So whether you are a sport athlete, cosmetic athlete, or just trying to stay alive in the jungle society, by taking part in a Structural Realignment Program at Sulypont Pain and Rehabilitation Clinic you will become pain free and productive all day long… everyday.