If we keep tensing the same muscle groups in response to emotional stress, then in time the bones can actually be pulled out of their proper structural alignment.

It is very common to find individuals with various levels of chronic muscle tightness in the jaw, along the neck, and across the upper and lower back. Although this constant muscle tightness is tiring, the situation is often not extreme enough to cause discomfort – until an added emotional stress enters the picture.

The added emotional stress creates additional muscle tension in the already problematic areas forcing the entire area into the pain threshold. Once the stress levels calm down, so does the muscle tightness and accompanying pain. Although the stress is blamed as the cause, it is only the precipitating factor in a chronic, structurally imbalanced situation.

In time the increasing muscle tension starts to pull the shoulders, spine, hips, etc. permanently out of alignment, which causes even more pain and induces even more stress. A “spasm-pain-stress cycle” now begins that needs to be broken!

Your individualized Sulypont Pain and Rehabilitation Clinic Structural Realignment Program will help you break the cycle by restoring alignment to the skeletal system and calm to the responsible musculature. Owing to the significant two-way relationship between posture and emotions, a restored “positive” posture will promote “positive” emotions and greatly assists in warding of stress