Studies reveal that 30-40% of all adults and 60-70% of all people over 40 are overweight. The extent of the problem and the high rate of diet failure, suggests that something is being missed.

Although the calories consumed to calories burned equation is the biological truth when it comes to dieting, a few other biological truths should be mentioned to help the weight loss program be practical, sustainable, and enjoyable.

Regarding the calorie intake side of the equation:

Food should be evaluated from the standpoint of nutritional value and not just calories. Eat as much raw food as you want, while keeping the refined, highly processed foods (refined, white flour, refined sugar, etc.) to a minimum.
Eating plenty of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and oils, whole grains etc. in addition to wholesome cooked foods will give your body the fuel and repair materials it needs to maintain itself. You will soon regain your taste for nutritional foods, making it enjoyable to stick to a healthy diet.

Once you see to it that your body is getting the basic nutrition it needs, concentrate your weight reduction efforts on increasing the quantity and variety of movement in your life. In other words, GET MOVING!

One common factor, keeping many from moving more is joint pain; after walking a few hundreds meters, the lower back might start hurting; after 15 minutes of aerobics the knee might start hurting; after a set of tennis the shoulder or elbow starts hurting. So movement becomes increasingly curtailed, the kilos pile on, which curtails movement even more. The individual is slowly slipping into a WHIRLPOOL TO OBESITY.

For the great majority of those who want to lose weight, therefore, weightloss begins with structural realignment and not sweaty workouts.

By restoring structural alignment, proper joint function will be restored. Movement will once again become easy and pleasurable.


Metabolism is the process by which the body breaks down molecules into forms of energy: heat or work. As regards losing weight, metabolism is the body process of burning calories. The more you move, therefore, the more heat and work you accomplish, the more calories you burn. The rate at which your body burns calories is referred to as your Basic Metabolic Rate or BMR. It is your body’s “thermostat setting” which works 24 hours a day, awake or asleep. As a weight losing bonus, if you move enough, your brain will raise the rate at which your body burns calories. At this point your body has become a FAT BURNING MACHINE!

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We can help you regain the joy of movement (both the ability and the attitude) that is needed to shed those extra kilos for good.

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