Month: September 2010

The Structural Realignment Program Procedure

Years of posture compromising positions will leave their imprint on our musculo-skeletal system in the form of various postural deviations. The dangling head, the large bump at the base of the neck, the humped back, drooping shoulders, protruding shoulder blades, curved spine, protruding tummy and fanny, inward/outward facing knees, flat feet etc. are all telltale signs of joints being where they shouldn’t be.
Re-aligning these various deviations back to the their proper location relative to the rest of the body is the first goal of your structural realignment program.


Sulypont Pain and Rehabilitation Clinic TREATMENT PROGRAMS

The Evaluation

The Sructural Realignment Treatment session begins with a complete postural evaluation in which you are requested to assume your normal, standing postural position in front of a mirror. The therapist then systematically proceeds to visually and manually examine many areas of the body where postural deviations have the potential to occur.


The real solutions not superfical treatments

None of the standard approaches ranging from painkillers, surgery, braces, inserts, massage, swimming, thermal baths etc. will restore the fundamental symmetry and structural alignment required for smooth, pain free movement.