SÚLYPONT PAIN AND REHABILITATION CLINIC specializes in therapies resolving the causes of chronic joint ailments, and spine problems

Scientific background:

In order to continue their spectacular advances in space exploration, NASA and partner space research agencies are focusing intense effort on establishing a permanent station in space. Tremendous health challenges have arisen, however, as astronauts are required to spend ever longer spans of time in a weightless environment. The fundamental physiological principle “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” is as true in space as it is on earth. In a weightless environment, therefore, research reveals that postural muscle tone declines 50% every ten days and bone mass (osteoporosis) declines 1% every 30 days before leveling off at the vastly lower levels of strength and function. As a result, intense research is underway on how to maintain maximum postural muscle tone and bone density despite long periods of static postures.

The findings are proving to be significant not just for space research but also in the battle against the chronic musculo-skeletal problems here on earth. With the “high-tech-low motion” advancements of the workplace, most people are finding themselves confined to a sort of “space capsule” of their own. The average westerner sits an average 13 hours per day. Most work postures remain asymmetric and most work types excercise the body’s right side musculature differently from the left side, and the front side musculature differently from the back. As a result widescale postural collapse is taking place, resulting in the epidemic of musculo-skeletal problems that is literally “grinding” the majority to a halt.

Against this backdrop, Súlypont Pain and Rehabilitation Clinic, was resolved to apply the latest research from the world’s leading laboratories into practice in the field. The result is a very mild yet effective method referred to as Structural Realignment Therapy, designed to restore years of chronic musculo-skeletal deterioration and restore the normal structural relationships within the body.