Corporate background

Súlypont Pain and Rehabilitation Clinic ( SPRC) was founded in 1998 specializing in therapies resolving the causes of spine and joint ailments.

Dr.Martin Skokan, the American born founder of Sulypont Paiin and Rehabilitation Clinic spent his university years pursuing degrees in both biology and structural engineering. The marriage of these two fields combined with the great advances made in postural muscle research, laid the groundwork for the revolutionary methods now developed and practiced at SPRC.

The SPRC staff has now grown to 6 Physical Therapist and a growing number of referring rheumatologists all of whom have dedicated their professional lives to the natural, corrective health care of chronic musculo-skeletal problems.

Collectively the Sulypont Pain and Rehabilitation Clinic staff has helped thousands to permanently get out of pain and resume their active lifestyles.

We encourage you to take advantage of the SPRC JOINT ALIGNMENT EVALUATION OFFER to help you determine your present level of joint health, the causes of an problematic joint symptoms you may have, and what can be done to correct them.

Experience true structural realignment and live your life to the fullest.