Month: May 2011

Joint Pain

Joint pain, occurs when muscles move the bones in ways that violate the body’s design. It is a form of high-priority communication alerting us of danger and encouraging remedial action. Ignoring or dampening pain signals will only allow joint damage to worsen as the fundamental causes are left untreated.

Painful lower backs, shoulders, necks, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, feet and so on are all a result of compromised postural alignment leading to excessive wear within the moving, load-bearing parts of the system. Everytime we turn around, take a step, move our wrist, etc. the deviated joint experiences another micro trauma. Life literally becomes a daily grind as the joint wears down and becomes debilitatingly painful. (more…)

Joint types, joint ranges of motion

Joint Types:
Even though there are more than 180 joints in the body, when it comes to moving you around, they can be broken down into 3 types:                              
1. ball and socket joints
2. hinge joints
3. multiple joints.

The larger ball and socket joints located at your pelvis and the smaller ball and socket joints of the shoulder comprise your core structure.
The 4 limbs then follow the pattern of a strong but less flexible hinge joint followed by a more flexible multiple joint. (more…)