Isometric exercise – physical therapy

Isometric exercises are a type of srength traininging in which the joint angle and muscle length do not change during contraction.

Isometric exercise, are a great way to buid strength, power, rehabilitation, and a nice body.

Physical therapists often use isometric exercises with individuals who are recovering from an injury or who have experienced joint inflammation due to arthritis or another  joint  condition.  Isometric exercise are done as a push or pull and can be done with bodyweight, free weights or weight machines or pushing against a wall or other object.

Isometric training is primarily reserved for initial strength training during physical therapy.

Advantages of isometric exercises (isometrics)

  • Isometric exercises are easy and does not require any kind of training,
  • Can be performed anywehre, anytime
  • Isometrics help build muscle, strength and power
  • Isometric exercises can tone the muscles, and help in getting a sculpted look.
  • It is the best workout regimen for people who have weak joints; isometric exercises does not put any undue pressure on the spine and joints
  • The tension developed during isometric exercises is often higher than that developed during isotonic exercise
  • Isometric exercise, if done for long sessions, help in lowering cholesterol levels and aid in digestion.