Month: November 2011

The Knee – is the largest joint in the body

The knee is te biggest and the most complex joint in the human body. The knee is the most likely to be injured, than is any other joint in the body.

The knee is made up of 4 bones and an extensive network of ligaments and muscles.

The four main bones:

  • Femur (thigh bone) – the longest and the largest bone in the body, part of the hip joint and part of the knee joint
  • Tibia (shinbone, shankbone) – is the larger and stronger of the two bones int the leg below the knee, and connects the knee with the ankle bones.
  • Fibula (calf bone) – is placed on lateral side of the tibia, with which it is connected above and below, and forms the lateral part of the ankle joint
  • Patella (knee cap, kneepan) – is a thick bone, which articulates with the femur and covers and protects the anterior surface of the knee joint. (more…)