About me

Alice Madzsar (1877-1935)

Welcome to my blog page. I am Hungarian and Canadian citizen, Réka Székely. Due to my experiences in both countries, have I committed myself to exercises that give background to bodily and spiritual balance.

With a sporty past and my 25 years experience as being a physiotherapist I would like to emphasise to all age groups that physiotherapy has a health and disease preventing effect. I have always been sporting, what is more, I was born into a medical family, therefore I decided to combine the two. I acquired a physiotherapist Degree at Semmelweis University Faculty of Health Sciences, Physiotherapist specialist programme in 1985. I later completed this with Sport Pedagogy (masters degree) at Semmelweis University Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, which I passed with an honoured degree.

I have acquired part of my professional experience in ORFI (Hungarian National Rheumatologist and Physiotherapist Institution), partly in Toronto (for 10 years) and last but not least at Sulypont Pain and Rehabilitation Clinic.

For 25 years I have been dealing with curing acute and chronic organic problems, moreover spinal and joint diseases. During my international studies and work experiences I have gained vast amount of experience in the field of prevention. Unfortunately this view in Hungary is still not widely used, we still see more fantasy in symptom treatment and pain killing. Symptom treatment and supplementary solutions can still be good in the phase of complex conservative treatment; however we should not see the solution in those.

In curing, the real aim is to recognise the disease in an early phase, then to treat the patient with a special personal treatment that cures the disease.

At Sulypont Pain and Rehabilitation Clinic, which was founded by Dr. Skokan Martin – physiotherapist doctor and biologist, born in America – in 1998, we are using preventive, modern treatment methods, techniques, and natural recovery type therapies for preventing locomotive organic diseases and for curing spinal and joint ailments.

It is very important for children’s healthy body and spiritual progress to realise any accidentally inborn or gained diseases at an early phase so is the prevention, and curing at physiotherapy lessons or with special sporting activity. Both methods cure with motion, so what is the difference between the two?

Physiotherapy belongs to the organisations dealing with curing and needs a physiotherapist degree; the other is a pedagogical activity and requires a pedagogy degree.