Month: February 2012

Your Hips are the Foundation to your entire Body Motion Machine.

Your pelvis is located at the center of your musculo-skeletal system. It is the largest bone of your body and surrounded by the strongest muscles groups. It therefore serves as the base of support for practically all body movement – up-down, forward-backward and side-to-side.
This is why it is crucial that the pelvis is properly positioned within your body and within the line of gravity.

“Everything Hurts! Syndrome” / Dr. Skokan Martin/
Extended periods of sitting or standing mixed with one-sided activity such as can be found at most worksites in the office, in the medical practice, in the car, etc. quickly cause the large muscle groups around the pelvis to stop functioning symmetrically. As a result the pelvis is no longer maintained level from left to right as seen from the front and no longer properly angled from front to back when viewed from the side. The pelvis becomes twisted out of alignment resulting in a chain reaction of instability going out in all directions.
Upward, the vertebrae, shoulders, elbows, wrists and fingers are all forced to function out of alignment. (more…)