Month: July 2010

Sports training

If you are among the scores of people who have to cut back on your favorite sport or fitness program because of chronic joint and muscle pain, here are the facts on how you can get back on track permanently and quickly.

Years of college followed by more years of establishing your career, have taken a physical toll on your body.


Office Syndrome

Despite the exponential increase of machines and computers in your life, your most important piece of equipment remains your own body. As a businessman or professional, you know that physical breakdown is accompanied with performance breakdown. Mental focus, motivation, creativity, emotional energy, people skills etc. all directly depend on a well functioning, physically fit body.


Immunoligical Readiness

The efficient removal of invading microbes is crucial for the proper functioning of the entire body, including your joints. The key players in this task are the lymphocytes, which travel through the lymphatic system, attacking and destroying foreign cells. Indicative of their importance is the fact that your body contains more lymphatic vessels than blood vessels.