The McKenzie Method

The Mckenzie Method is a system of evaluating and treating spinal disorders that was developed by New Zeland Physioterapist, Robin Mckenzie in the ’60s.

This is an active treatment phylosophy that emphasizes teaching the patient how to manage and treat the pain themselves, how to prevent the pain from occourring again. It is also explained how important posture and their personalized exercise program.

The McKenzie classification of spinal pain provides reproducible means of separating patients with apperently simmilar presentation into definable subgroups to determine appropiate treatment.

  • Postural: End-range stress of normal structures
  • Dysfunction: End-range stress of shortened structures
  • Derangement: Anatomical disruption or displacement within the motion segment

The Mckenzie Method promotes the body’s potential to heal itself without medication, needles, heat, cold, electrotherapy, surgery etc.
Goals of McKenzie terapy include:

  • Elimination of pain and symptoms
  • Return of function
  • Prevention of reccurence

The McKenzie Method is trusted and used by certified McKenzie therapists.

The Mckenzie therapy continues to be the most researched and scientifically documented method of non-surgical spine treatment aviable.

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