The Postural Decline Curve

As new parents follow their baby through the stages of physical development, most are amazed at what beautiful sitting and standing postures their children exhibit.

Experience reveals, however, that about the time a young person starts school, the beautiful posture of infancy will start deteriorating. Long school days, heavy book bags, large daily doses of TV and video games will all leave their mark in the form of a dangling head, humped back, spine curvature, bow-legs/knock-knees, flat feet, etc. The postural decline continues to the point that by their late teens 64% of today’s teen-agers fail to meet minimum fitness standards and every second young man in Hungary is found unsuitable for military service.

By the time most young people have finished college and spent a few years career building, they will likely have developed at least 3 significant postural deviations and will likely face decades of increasingly debilitating joint problems.

If there is any truth in the saying that „You are only as old as your joints!” then the typical young adult is ready to retire just as he starts to become a productive employee.

Practically all postural deviations, at any age, can be corrected, however, with the proper excercises, performed in the proper positions, in the proper sequence. By taking part in a Structural Realignment Program, years of postural decline can be restored so that the young individual can become pain free and active once again.

Young children go through a host of growth phases on the road to adulthood. What most children need for postural development is simply the opportunity to move as much as possible, with the greatest variety of movement possible. If during their physical development, there are periods where joint pain becomes so severe that sleeping becomes difficult, the child becomes unable to participate in physical education classes, etc. then a Structural Realignment Program will add the developmental stimulus needed to restore proper postural alignment.

If you have any questions regarding your child/children, we would recommend that you make an appointment for a Joint Alignment Evaluation at our clinic.